Status: Open (Limeted slots) Last update feb 2022


  • Human(oid)
  • Anthro
  • Feral
  • Gore

  • Ocs
  • canon characters
  • OC x Canon


  • Sci-Fi
  • Real People (or rpf)
  • Pregnancies
  • fantasy races not quite fitting my style(aliens)

NSFW details below!

Terms of Service:

  • My Prices are in €
  • Payment upfront and through Paypal invoices only.
  • I have the right to cancel or decline at any point.
  • Low Resolution re-upload ONLY. No exceptions
  • Breaking my ToS will result n cancellation and blocking.
    Rights to your image will also be taken immediately.
  • No NFTs nor AI usage. Ever.

Make sure to read over the full ToS below!

By commissioning me you imply that you have read and agreed to my Terms of Service.
I hold the right to refuse anyone who violates my terms of service.


Reference sheets start at 75€ with a simple 2 fullbody Quickref and go up to 250€ which is Mitzi's examples above

  • Extra Fullbody: 25€
  • Extra Headshot details: 15€
  • Other Extra details: 10€

There are all added onto the BASE price of the ref that is 75€!

Do you work without art?

Yes! I do in fact work without previous art of the character existing. The above refs have been done
through only having a basic description and lots of little references llike a picture of a coat,
photo of a knife, etc, etc. So I do work without a previous reference with moodboards and other refs!

Drawing preferences

I'm pretty open for anything vanilla!
the only thing I should mention is that I am not very good/unexperianced with:
wlw, boobies in general, very fem focused things, oh and feet.

WARNING: contains Dead Dove! Read at own risk!

Willing to draw

Not willing to draw

Unexperianced, might try

  • Gore/Guro
  • Any non-con type!
  • "Cub/Lolisho"
  • Feral
  • Watersports!
  • Anything not listed to the right!
  • Pregnancies
  • Breeding/Ovi
  • Scat
  • Kids/Toddlers
  • - might add more -
  • ABDL
  • "Incest"
  • Feet/Paws
  • - might add more -

Contact Form:

  • Your Paypal
  • Character ref/s
  • Commission Type
  • Personality snippet/Pose suggestion
  • Anything else you find important for me to know!

the filled out form is best sent over on my socials where I am most active. You may e-mail me, but I might not see that one, so maybe follow it up with a comment/socia media inquiry as well!
I can best be found on X, Bluesky and mastodon/fediverse!

My e-mail is strictly for business and commissions: