Maro Tovara

Illustration and Comic Artist

With experiences in graphic design,
hobbyist video editor and other
experiences in the creative field.

Maro // He / It // 25+ // Queer.

Illustration / Comics
World Building / Character Design

Maro Tovara is a freelance artist based in Germany.

With a main focus in comics and with 10+ years in experience.


Learned and trained in graphical design and has been studying illustration for 3+ years to get his certified diploma in the end of September 2022.

Maro Tovara is an artist alias.

Open for freelance work From 2024 onwards.

I do not support NFTs or AI art in any way shape or form. My work may not be used, associated with or transformed to be used as an NFT or in AI generators.

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If you notice any hickups or problems while browsing
PLEASE lemme know!! <3

Updates incoming!!

Most of the things I'm doing is filling up character references and adding galleries and images everywhere!

yeah sight... lemme just relocate a lot of shit real quick u n u sighs
So yeah a lot of images might be broken for a short bit I'M WORKING ON IT!!!

Added a comment box to my comics and main page hehe for more interactivity!!!
I'd love to hear your thoughts on things
also updated my domain completely now ;D tho I got a warning
from firefox first... sob what does that mean,,, my site is safe aaargh I promise ToT

Am still working on getting over art on here since I just have tooooo much haha (refs and fics will slowly fill over time!)

Now also added a lil website button below and a box for other peoples buttons if anyone wants to join! :3